Microsoft has revealed the official lineup of free games that will be available for next month's Games with Gold program.

In addition, starting in November, the company said that Xbox One gamers will be able to access the Games with Gold Xbox 360 titles through the backwards compatibility service.

According to an update on Microsoft's Major Nelson site, the free games that will be arriving for the Xbox One are "Pneuma: Breath of Life" and "Knight Squad. The former will be available for the entire month of November while the latter can be accessed from November 16 to December 15.

"Pneuma: Breath of Life" first came out in February of this year. Developed by Deco Digital & Bevel Studios, the game lets players take on the role of a god named "Pneuma." This first-person game takes them to a world filled with puzzles they have to solve.

"Knight Squad," on the other hand, first debuted as a Steam early access game in May of last year. Similar to the SNES title "Bomberman," the game can accommodate up to 8 gamers playing as knights. Through power up and various weapons scattered in the map, the objective of gamers is to eliminate each other.

As for Xbox 360 gamers, starting on November 1, they'll be able to play "DiRT 3" for free until November 15. They'll also be able to access "Dungeon Siege III" during the second half of November.

"DiRT 3" is a racing video game from the "Collin McRae Rally" series. First released in 2011, the game features various modes where they can race against their friends, go through an obstacle course, play a game of capture the flag but with rally cars, and even spread a zombie infection through their driving skills.

The second game for the Xbox 360 console, "Dungeon Siege III," is an RPG title released by Square Enix in 2011. In this fantasy-based game, players can choose from four different playable characters. The game's general storyline will then depend on which character they choose.

As noted by Microsoft, only Xbox Live Gold members will be able to access the free games next month. Also, through backwards compatibility, the Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles will also be available for the Xbox One.

This means Xbox One gamers will have access to four free games starting in November.

"All future Games with Gold titles for Xbox 360 will be playable on Xbox One, giving Xbox One owners double the free games to play each month," Microsoft wrote.