Development studio Konami announced its plans to revive the "Contra" game series by releasing a new version for the mobile platform.

The game, however, which will be released as a free-to-play title for iOS and Android devices, will only come out in China, according to IGN.

For the latest "Contra," Konami has partnered with Chinese tech firm Tencent. According to the developer, the new game will still feature the same elements that attracted the hardcore "Contra" fans.

Like the original version, the upcoming mobile game will still be a side-scroller with a run-and-gun type of gameplay.

"Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. will release the latest title in the popular 'Contra' series of action shooting games, enjoyed across numerous platforms since the first game hit arcades in 1987, for the China market, in cooperation with Chinese Internet service provider Tencent," Konami said in a statement.

"This new title is side-scrolling shooting game developed specifically for Chinese customers as a mobile game for smartphones, and will retain the style and themes that 'Contra' fans know and love," the company added.

Konami, however, has not yet announced the release date for the new "Contra" game. Also, even though it will be released as a free-to-play title, it will feature microtransactions for its added content or DLCs.

Although Konami announced that the new "Contra" game will only debut in China, there's still a chance that it might hit the U.S. market. As Gamerant pointed out, the upcoming title is not the first modern installment of the classic series.

In 2010, Konami released "Contra: Evolution" for mobile devices in China. The game serves as a remake of the original title and features improved graphics, new playable characters, in-game transactions for extra lives and new bonus stages. Although the game was released exclusivity to that country only, it managed to arrive in the U.S. for Android and iOS devices in 2013.

So, based on what happened with "Contra: Evolution," there is still a possibility that the new "Contra" game will debut in the U.S. eventually.

Konami released the first "Contra" game in 1987 as a coin-operated arcade title. It immediately gained a strong cult following due to its shoot-em up style, multiple levels and challenging gameplay, in which a single hit from an enemy resulted to instant death.

Due to its success and popularity, the game spawned over 10 sequels including "Super Contra," "Contra: Hard Corps" and "Contra: Shattered Soldier."