‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Updates, Gameplay & Release Date: Ubisoft Confirms Future DLCs for Upcoming ‘Rainbow Six’ Game Can be Acquired for Free

Rainbow Six Siege
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Game developer Ubisoft has revealed the details of the microtransaction system of the upcoming "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege" game.

According to the studio, the game's DLCs and other additional content can be acquired for free or with the help of real-world cash.

Through a new post in the Ubiblog, Ubisoft confirmed that "Rainbow Six Siege" will receive a total of four DLCs. These will content various content such as new maps, game modes, operators or characters and skins.

Although the maps and game modes will be available to gamers for free, they will need in-game currency to unlock the new characters and weapon skins. Ubisoft explained that these can be accessed using Renown points, which can be earned by players by completing various tasks in the game.

According to the studio, gamers can earn an average of 1,000 Renown points per hour. Since the DLC characters will cost 25,000 Renown each, gamers will have to spend about 25 hours of gameplay to unlock one operator.

As detailed by Ubisoft, gamers will be able to earn these points by winning matches, killing enemies, completing objectives, reviving teammates, participating in challenges and even watching tutorial videos. However, friendly fire or killing a teammate will result in point deductions, Gamespot reported.

Aside from these points, the additional content can also be acquired through the in-game currency R6 Credits, which can be purchased using real money. According to Cinemablend, the minimum currency bundle, which is at 600 RS Credits, will cost $4.99.

The game's two currency systems are Ubisoft's way of offering gamers additional options when it comes to unlocking new content. They can either rely on hard work and patience to earn Renown points or shell out a few dollars to acquire the R6 Credits.

But, as noted by Ubisoft, some of the items, which will only be available for purchase, will not affect the gamers' gameplay experience.

"While all maps and modes will be immediately available to all players, the new operators and weapon skins will need to be unlocked with Renown, which is earned while you play, or purchased with R6 Credits," Ubisoft wrote.

"Also, there will be a number of premium weapon skins that can only be accessed with R6 Credits," the studio continued. "These are purely cosmetic, however, and won't affect gameplay."

"Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege" is scheduled to come out on December 1. It will be available for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

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