Director Peyton Reed is currently in negotiations to direct the "Ant-Man" sequel called "Ant-Man and the Wasp," which would star Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly as the title characters.

Should Marvel get him once again to helm the superhero movie, Reed already has a clear vision on how he will push the superheroes' stories even further.

"I think one of the appealing things about coming back for a sequel is to be able to build it from the ground up this time," Reed said during an interview with Yahoo! Movies. "Also, (there's) stuff that we clearly set up in the first movie that we want to pay off and have fun with in the second movie. Since we know (the characters') origins, we can go in some weird, unique and different territory."

Marvel is slowly beefing up its character range with female superheroes, and the "Ant-Man" film helped by introducing the Wasp.

"It just happened to be organic for the characters of Ant-Man and Wasp, (so) it worked," Reed said. "Her last line in the movie - 'It's about (expletive) time' - (is) very much about her specific character and arc in that movie, but it is absolutely about a larger thing. It's about (expletive) time: We're going to have a fully realized, very very complicated hero in the next movie who happens to be a woman."

Rudd, who stars as Ant-Man actually worked in another film "Captain America: Civil War," which is directed by Joe and Anthony Russo.

"There was definitely a point where I was a little envious," he laughingly shared. "I felt a proprietary thing over that character. I remember to say to Paul, 'You're going down to Atlanta to work with those other guys?' It was like my girlfriend had left me for someone else."

However, Reed said that he has some clips for the film and he cannot deny that it was "fantastic."

On the other hand, the same cannot be said of other superhero films such as the rebooted "Fantastic Four" by Josh Trank.

"Fantastic Four in the comics was always the pinnacle of Marvel, the crown jewel - they were the first family of Marvel Comics," he said. "The two existing versions did massive pendulum swings from each other. One was very pitched toward younger kids and very broad, and the second was a much darker version of it. I just personally feel like they have not gotten the tone right. And man, it's a bummer. I think the tone has got to be one of optimism, and you've got to take it seriously."