"Lord of justice and wisdom! I give you praise, for you govern with rules and wisdom that bring salvation to the world. One only lives once, so I thank you for giving me exact standards and allowing me go forth on the right path.

I give thanks that you abhor dishonest scales but delight in accurate weights and that you cause the wicked to be brought down by their own wickedness but make straight the paths of the honest for their faithfulness and justice (Prov 11:1-12). I realize that I need to be honest and faithful because although I may be able to fool man, I am unable to fool God the Almighty.

Would you help me so that I won’t waste time due to mistaken judgements and that I may make the kind of decisions and speak in a way that will not embarrass me when I come before you. By leading an honest and wise life, I desire to know and practice your will and share your teachings with others as well. Today, may I embrace the Lord’s heart—the heart of the Lord who humbled and exerted himself for all—and live as I bless others."