"God who rules the world and life! I give praise to the God who rewards according to actions, giving the righteous eternal life and blessing the one who sows righteousness with honor.

A kindhearted woman gains respect but ruthless men gain only wealth (Prov 11:16-31); I thank you for your teachings that shape me internally and for the wisdom that enables me to become a steward of the spiritual gifts and wealth given to me. I look back on the days when I was more caught up with things visible externally, such as my dignity, and pride more than I was on internal things. I confess that I have been regarding time, talent, and wealth as my own and using them only for my own life on this earth.

Today may I live a life of a steward, obeying the God who spoke of the wisdom of the righteous and cultivating my mind. May I become a tree of life, bearing even more abundant and beautiful fruit, so that the generations to come will enjoy God’s blessings and bring you glory. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen."

Begin your mornings with Pastor Kim's daily prayers. Reverend Dae Joon Kim is the senior pastor at LA Vision Church.