"God, you are a God who grants us wisdom like a stream, fulfills our good desires, and fills our hearts with joy. I give praise that you teach me to always respect God’s word, befriend wisdom, and live righteously.

God I thank you for helping me to realize that the way of living a life of vitality involves putting the words of wisdom into practice; thank you for giving me good longings, teaching me to walk with the wise while also positively influencing others (Prov 13: 12-25). I confess that any of my countless experiences and knowledge cannot compare with your wisdom. Would you give me the grace to accept your teachings and ask for wisdom whenever I am perplexed and feel stuck.

Help me to live joyfully, gaining deeper wisdom as I embrace your word and walk closely with the wise and realize good-natured longings today. As I earnestly desire to respect God’s word and to live a life of vitality led by God’s wisdom, I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen."

Begin your mornings with Pastor Kim's daily prayers. Reverend Dae Joon Kim is the senior pastor at LA Vision Church.