"God who has granted this new day with marvelous wisdom! I praise thee, the source and supply of true wisdom. I thank you that the grace—which enables me to live as I follow the ways of wisdom, in awe of you—is always with me.

Through the word, God, you teach me to walk the path of life that is upright by building the house of life on wisdom, for foolishness tears it down. Before such a God, I confess my foolish ways of the past with which I freely thought and made decisions according to my feelings and emotions. I earnestly pray that in all situations, I may judge and decide based on the standards of the word of God, the unchanging wisdom and truth.

In every moment of today, may I rely on the God of wisdom as I live life. God, would you allow me to have greater understanding of your word so that I may all the more be in awe of you, harnessing true discernment; would you grant me the grace that enables me to carry out my callings, with true wisdom as my own. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen."

Begin your mornings with Pastor Kim's daily prayers. Reverend Dae Joon Kim is the senior pastor at LA Vision Church.