Norman Reedus, more popularly known as Daryl Dixon of AMC's "The Walking Dead" television series, is still hoping for the development of "Silent Hills" to continue.

Reedus was set to star in the survival horror game but the project was cancelled following the alleged fallout between development studio Konami and director Hideo Kojima, Gamerant reported.

Development of "Silent Hills," which was supposed to be the ninth installment in the "Silent Hill" video game series, began in early 2014 after Kojima signed on to helm the game along with acclaimed film director Guillermo del Toro.

Reedus also agreed to participate in the project to portray the game's lead character. In August of last year, Konami released a playable teaser for the game to give gamers a glimpse of "Silent Hills."

However, during the course of the game's development, rumors emerged that Kojima is thinking about leaving Konami. Various sources reported during that time that his last game with the company would be "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain," which came out in September.

Then, in October, Konami confirmed that Kojima left the studio but noted that the game creator and director is only on hiatus.

Kojima's sudden departure directly affected the fate of "Silent Hills" and halted its development. Although Konami stated that it is still committed to working on the "Silent Hill" franchise, it noted that the project featuring Kojima, del Toro and Reedus has been cancelled.

Despite the official announcement from the development studio, Reedus is still hoping to collaborate with the two directors. Specifically, he is still looking forward to continuing his work on the survival horror game.

"I'm super bummed that that happened back in Japan, but I have faith," he told IGN. "I have faith that we, the three of us, can do something else. There were so many ideas and cool future happenings that were thrown around. I just can't see us not picking this up somewhere."

The actor also mentioned that he was impressed with how fans of the series reacted after hearing about the game's cancellation. Shortly after Konami made the announcement, fans launched a petition to urge developers to revive the game. As of October, the petition on has reached over 187,000.

As for the game itself, Reedus noted that the developers were just about to get into the game's story when it was cancelled.

"We did some of that photography with a thousand cameras pointing at you in a million different directions," he said. "We did some things with them that might be - I don't know if it's on the cutting room floor. It might be in someone's hard drive somewhere."

"We did some stuff for it, but we never got into the full story stuff," he continued. "We were about to and that water balloon burst."