Psyonix, the development studio behind the successful "Rocket League" title, teased that the game could arrive to other consoles including Microsoft's Xbox One, Cinemablend reported.

If the developer pushes through with the release of "Rocket League" on other consoles, then it will mark the end of the game's exclusivity with Sony's PlayStation 4.

The game, which heavily features the addictive combination of customizable cars and soccer, came out in July of this year for the Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 platforms. Months after its release, the game became one of the most downloaded games on Steam.

Aside from Psyonix, Sony also benefitted from the game's success due to the two firm's exclusivity deal. Basically, it helped Sony gain an edge over Microsoft by landing a highly sought after game.

But, it seems this partnership is about to come to an end after Dave Hagewood, the CEO of Psyonix, confirmed that the studio is looking to bring "Rocket League" to other consoles. However, at this point, the executive still cannot confirm if the Xbox One is part of the studio's plan.

"I can't say," Hagewood told Redbull when asked about the arrival of the game on the Xbox One. "We're looking at all kinds of platforms and there may be some announcements coming up at some point - hopefully before the end of the year - but I can't confirm that."

Despite Hagewood's uncertainty, Gamespot noted that Jeremy Dunham, the marketing vice president of Psyonix said a month after the game's release that the company is already planning to port "Rocket League to other platforms.

He then added that the company will announce the list of confirmed consoles for the game sometime in the future.

As for the studio, Hagewood stated that the success of "Rocket League" has provided Psyonix developers the chance to develop other titles. But, the executive assured fans of the game that the studio will continue to support "Rocket League."

This will be done through future DLCs, new cars, features and other content for the game.

"It's an amazing time for us right now: we're kind of realizing all of our hopes and dreams and trying to figure out what it means for us," he said. "I think there was always an expectation that we would go on to make some of the other really cool games that we kind of have in our back pocket - but at the same time we want to capitalize on the momentum that we have seen from 'Rocket League' right now."