Overkill Software, the development studio behind "PayDay 2," has issued a public apology regarding the sudden introduction of microtransactions in the cooperative first-person shooter game.

Although the developer did not directly state that it will remove the in-game transaction system, the studio noted that it will make the necessary changes to make amends with the gaming community.

The microtransaction system of "PayDay 2" immediately gained the ire of gamers shortly after it was introduced through the Black Market update. Basically, the update required gamers to purchase drills from Steam using real money in order to open the safe, IGN reported.

Although the developer slightly tweaked this by adding random loot drops, the entire system was still criticized by gamers because prior to the launch of the game in 2013, Overkill Software promised that it will not include microtransactions in the game.

Apart from the criticism, the studio also received backlash from its volunteer workforce after its forum moderators went on strike.

However, according to Overkill Software, the payment scheme is needed in order to support the teams working on the game.

A month after the issue erupted, Almir Listo, a producer from the studio, released an apology through the game's Steam Page.

"The past few weeks have been some of the most challenging in the history of this community," he wrote. "Players have been angry with us, media have written about us en masse and our volunteer moderators went on strike."

"For all the distress we've caused the past few weeks, I'd just like to take the time and say that we're sorry," Listo continued. "We've done a lot of things in the past, but these past few weeks we screwed that up. We need to get better at many things, and we will do our best to improve as soon as possible."

The game producer then went on to say that Overkill Software recently held a meeting with its volunteer moderators to talk about the growing concerns of gamers. He also said that he will discuss the other changes and improvements that need to be done on the game with prominent "PayDay 2" gamers.

Listo, however, did not mention if the studio is currently working on an alternative to the microtransaction system but noted that this issue is one of the main matters that Overkill Software will address. More information regarding the improvements to the game will be revealed by the studio within the coming weeks.