"Lord, the fulfillment of all things! I give thanks for your grace in allowing me to participate in the work that You are doing.

I thank you for teaching me that disobedience to your words leads me to the wrong path, the end of which is death. Therefore, may I, in fear of God, pay heed to the word of wisdom and avoid straying away from the path of righteousness (Prov 16:20-30). I confess my sins of the past; sins of disrespecting you, putting myself forward with complaint and resentment, and walking on the road of foolishness.

Through today’s passage, you allowed me to realize that when I live according to the wisdom of the word of God, I live out a life that corresponds with the dimension of God; as such, I ask that I may discern God’s word even better and all the more act wisely. Today, would you give me the grace to be safe from disasters, enjoy timely grace, and partake in the wisdom that saves lives. I pray in the name of Jesus, the overseer and fulfillment of all things. Amen."

Begin your mornings with Pastor Kim's daily prayers. Reverend Dae Joon Kim is the senior pastor at LA Vision Church.