Martyr and Pastor Yang Won Sohn’s Life Portrayed through a Musical

“Holy Martyr Yang Won Sohn,” a musical based on the life of renowned Korean pastor and martyr Yang Won Sohn, debuted on the stage of Bethel Korean Church on September 20 and 21.

Bethel’s theater team consisting of 70 actors have poured out their sweat and efforts for six months in preparation for this event. The theater piece was written by Pastor Sohn’s daughter, Dong Hee Sohn, and the accounts of other witnesses.

(Photo : Christianity Daily)
Bethel Korean Church performed a musical play based on the life of martyr and pastor Yang Won Sohn on September 20 and 21. Bethel has also been known for their other theatrical performances based on Christian figures and/or themes.

The first act featured Pastor Sohn’s ministry among those with leprosy and his refusal to worship the idols set by the Japanese during their reign in Korea, and the second act featured the deaths of Pastor Sohn’s two sons, who were martyred, Pastor Sohn’s adoption of the very person who killed his two sons, and the death of Pastor Sohn himself.

The musical featured exceptional skill from both the writers and actors of the play, and was meaningful to the Korean Christian community as it allowed for the preservation of and reflection upon the spiritual heritage of the Korean church.

“My hope is that as we remember and reenact on the stage the sacrifice that Pastor Sohn and his family made to preserve their faith and the faith of the Korean church, that we will be able to reflect on our spiritual roots, and set new goals for our own faith and walks with God,” said one of the managers of the theater team.

The theater team at Bethel has also received attention in the past for other plays that they performed, such as “Resurrection,” “Californian Job,” and “The Bright Road toward the Sky,” a play based on another martyr and pastor, Ki Chul Joo.

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