It's already mid-December which means Xbox Live Gold members can already access three new free games through Microsoft's Games with Gold program.

In addition, as noted by the tech giant, all free games released at this point for the Xbox 360 can be played on the Xbox One system through the backwards compatibility service.

As announced earlier this month, Xbox One gamers, who are also Xbox Live Gold subscribers, can get their hands on "Thief" from December 16 to January 15, according to Gamespot.

This game, which was developed by "Eidos Montreal," came out in February of last year and serves as a remake of the "Thief" series, which began in 1998 with "Thief: The Dark Project." Like the previous titles from the original series, the 2014 "Thief" game centers on the main character Garret.

Set in the Victorian and gothic-inspired are simply known as "The City," the game lets players take on various missions that mainly involve stealing something from someone. As a master thief, gamers must rely on stealth to accomplish their goals.

Xbox 360 owners, on the other hand, will have access to two free games starting this week. The first game, titled "Sacred 3," is available now until December 31. This title is a hack-and-slash brawler released by development studio Keen Games in August 5, 2014.

The narrative of "Scared 3" involves taking down the oppressive ruler of an empire. In the game's multiplayer co-op mode, gamers can band together to accomplish this mission. They can also choose from a variety of character classes that come with their own unique set of skills and abilities.

The last game that will be available in this month's Games with Gold program is "Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising" for the Xbox 360. This military simulation game first arrived in 2009 and was developed by Codemasters.

The story of the game follows the alliance between the U.S. and Russia after the latter got into a conflict with China due to a land dispute. In the game's single-player or campaign mode, the objective of gamers is to liberate an island that was invaded by China's military forces.

The other games that were featured in the roster of Games with Gold are "The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing" for the Xbox One and "CastleStorm" for the Xbox 360. The promo for the latter ended on December 15 while the former can still be downloaded until the end of this month, according to the Major Nelson site.