"God who bestows grace upon the whole earth! I give thanks to you whose heart breaks even while punishing and provides an opportunity for restoration so as to bypass wrath.

In fear, I learn that disobeying your commandments and teachings as well as the rebellious and corrupt ways of man will lead to judgement (Zeph 3:1-8). May I live wisely day by day, preparing for the day of the Lord my God. Would you help me to base my conscience on Your word and love You ever more.

Even though I received spiritual grace in the past, I desire that I may be refreshed and awakened spiritually today, living with purity. Today may I not sin and waste away the grace given unto me. Lead me to be full of the Holy Spirit, that I may humbly and gently engage with everyone I meet in addition to spreading your gospel. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen."

Begin your mornings with Pastor Kim's daily prayers. Reverend Dae Jun Kim is the senior pastor at LA Vision Church.