A mobile game on Apple's App Store titled "Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2" is duping iPhone users into thinking that it's an actual title from Mojang.

However, according to the development studio, this game is a scam and people should refrain from buying and downloading it.

Based on its description on its App Store page, "Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2" sounds like a legit game. It stated that the game is about building fortresses against monstrous enemies and constructing new block-based worlds.

However, after Wesley Yin-Poole of Eurogamer downloaded the game, which costs around $7, he was surprised by its content. Instead of seeing the traditional pixel layout of "Minecraft," the reporter got a top-down game featuring the character Scorpion from the "Mortal Kombat" going up against hordes of zombies.

Although this may sound like an interesting concept especially for "Mortal Kombat" fans, it's clearly fake and is only riding on the "Minecraft" brand name to scam a couple of bucks from unsuspecting users. And, worst of all, the game could end up bricking their devices, which what happened to Yin-Poole's iPhone after playing it for a few minutes.

According to the reporter, the game was made by a developer named Scott Cawthorn. This is most likely another scamming strategy employed by the real maker of the game since the name is meant to trick users into thinking that "Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2" came from Scott Cawthon, the developer of the "Five Nights at Freddy's" series, Gamespot reported.

A quick search on the App Store of the misspelled name would reveal other games like "Five Night's at Freddy's - All in One Edition" and "Mortal Kombat - New Season," which are also fake titles.

The scam game has already been reported to Mojang and according to Owen Hill, the studio's director of creative communications, the company is already working on having it removed from the App Store.

"It's great that Minecraft has inspired people to create amazing things, but when a product attempts to dupe our community or exploit their enthusiasm for the game, it's our responsibility to step in," he said in a statement.

"Our dedicated enforcement team are extremely busy," Hill added.

Mojang will most probably contact Apple regarding the case, which would result in the immediate removal of "Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2." The other games posted by the so-called Scott Cawthorn developer will most likely be taken down too.