Amazon has unveiled a new discount promo targeting gamer online shoppers.

But, as noted by the online retailer, only those with an Amazon Prime subscription will be able to take advantage of the deal.

The new promo, dubbed as Prime Exclusive Savings, gives subscribers a discount of 20 percent on newly released games for various platforms, which is valid for only two weeks after the title's official launch. However, this is only available for physical copies of games and cannot be used for bundle deals including console packages.

As explained by Amazon, those who already pre-ordered games will automatically be covered by the deal as long as they are Prime members. This also applies who those subscribe to the premium service. The discount will be applied to their orders during checkout.

Again, only members of Amazon's $99 service will be able to enjoy the discounts on their purchased games. But, as noted by Engadget, the new deal could persuade regular account holders to get a subscription fee since it will be worth it as long as they are heavy video game shoppers.

But, for those who are still contemplating the price of the Amazon Prime subscription fee, they can always turn to other online retailers for discount deals on games. According to Slash Gear, Best Buy is also offering a similar promo for brand new games through the Gamers Club Unlocked program.

For only $30, customers can get a 2-year Gamers Club Unlocked membership. With this, they'll be able to enjoy various benefits such as 20 percent off on new games, 10 percent off on pre-owned titles, 10 percent bonus for trade-in credit.

In addition, unlike Amazon's offering, Best Buy's deals does not have a two-week limit. This means gamers will still be able to take advantage of the discount on games when they purchase them months or even years after their official release.

On the other hand, the retailer's other membership service, simple called Gamer Club, does not require a subscription fee. However, the benefits are limited and does not include the discounts and bonuses that Unlocked members can enjoy.

According to Best Buy, in order to qualify for its subscription services, customers must be a My Best Buy program members and must have a good relationship with the company. Applications for Gamers Club memberships must be submitted in person at a Best Buy store since an online service for the programs is not yet available.