Retired boxing referee Joe Cortez believes the proposed showdown between Miguel Cotto and Juan Manuel Marquez could eventually turn into a mismatch because of the disparity in size.

Cortez knows that Marquez is one of toughest fighters in the world but could be in trouble if he decides to accept the fight against Cotto. The former referee told El Vocero that that Cotto is too big and too strong for Marquez because the Puerto Rican has been fighting as junior middleweight and middleweight over the past several years.

"I think that Juan Manuel Marquez is a very experienced fighter and has a good punch," Cortez said of the Mexican, who has not fought above 147 pounds before. "However, I think he's too small to face Miguel Cotto, who is a solid veteran at 154 pounds. He is too strong for Marquez."

Cortez is unsure if Marquez can still take Cotto's punches at this point of their respective careers. The Hall of Famer pointed out that age could be an issue for the 42-year-old Mexican. He added, though, that the proposed bout will be good for the fans because it will be another rivalry showdown between a Mexican and Puerto Rican boxer.

"Marquez's age does not help either," Cortez said. "However, it's a good fight for the fans. The Mexican is a warrior and knows that beating Cotto would be one of the best boxing victories of his career."

Marquez, who owns a 56-7-1 record with 40 knockout victories, has not fought since running away with a unanimous decision win against Mike Alvarado in May 2014. The veteran Mexican boxer was linked to several possible opponents, but no fight was finalized, as he was dealing with knee issues.

While Cortez looks convinced that Marquez will be in deep trouble against Cotto, veteran trainer Nacho Beristain said earlier this month that he has no doubt in his mind that his prized fighter is still capable of fighting at a high level despite coming off a long layoff.

"I know him and he's never had any problems with inactivity. He can still return straight to training," Beristain told Fox Deportes. "I do not rule out [this version of Marquez] being capable of fighting against Cotto. If [Marquez] returns to the ring, I don't think it is unreasonable to do it with an opponent of that level."