If you are wondering if "Bloodborne" bosses can be beaten without dodging or rolling, one gamer named Tolomeo has provided the answer, as he was able to hurdle all four bosses with a level four character on the game's New Game +6 mode.

While new game +7 is the hardest diffuclty level in the game, as pointed out by VG24/7, Staying alive in a notoriously punishing game is an achievement on its own. But accomplishing it without using evasive maneuvers and in +6 mode is noteworthy.

Fortunately, Tolomeo has evidence of his gameplay, which he conveniently posted on his YouTube channel. The playthroughs are cut into shorter and more easily digestible parts. Check the video below to witness how Tolomeo got rid of Ludwig, the first boss featured in the game's "The Old Hunters" DLC.

Tolomeo indicated on the official "Bloodborne" subreddit that it took him nine hours of attempts in order to beat Ludwig, seven on Laurence and six for Orphan of Kos. He said it took him four hours a piece to vanquish Gehrman and Shadows, the game's most formidable bosses.

Ever since "Bloodborne" released for PlayStation 4 in March 2015, there have been several players who have achieved impressive feats while exercising self-imposed restrictions.

Many fans have finished the game with a level four character while some hardcore fans have defeated Ludwig the Accursed while on New Game +7. Game Rant even reported of a player who took on "The Old Hunters" DLC using fists only. Nonetheless, Tolomeo's recent accomplishment, which is a combination of all the aforementioned undertakings, trumps them all.

Fans who have grown tired of beating the game's monsters will be glad to know that they can turn into one as well. "The Old Hunters" DLC includes a feature that allows players to transform into a beast. All players have to do is defeat Laurence the First Vicar.

According to IGN, players will earn the Beast's Embrace Oath Rune once Laurence is vanquished. Next, they simply have to go back to Hunter's Dream and equip the said item. The new beast mode can be paired with the Beast Claws, giving players extra attack moves and a ferocious roar.

With that said, the beast mode serves more as icing on the cake since after beating Laurence, there really isn't much more to do in the world "Bloodborne." Even though players can still upgrade the Moonlight Great Sword or uncover higher level Chalice Dungeons, chances are, they have already maxed out on armor and equipment in order to challenge Laurence.