The whole cast and crew of "Game of Thrones" season 6 seem to enjoy teasing fans about Jon Snow's chances of survival.

Kit Harrington's character was brutally killed off during the season 5 finale, and showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff were adamant that he is dead for good and won't be coming back this year.

Maisie Williams, who plays Snow's half sister Arya Stark earlier appeared hopeful about his return to the show, but she is singing a different tune this time around.

"It was awful. It was awful. Everyone was so sad about it, and I feel so mean because I speak to people and they're all like, 'Jon Snow, is he back?' And it's really heartbreaking because people are like, 'Yeah, but he's coming back though?' It's a great twist, but I can't say he's going to be alive," she said, according to Entertainment Online.

Did Williams mean that Snow would be a White Walker next season? Or will he embody his direwolf Ghost?

When the same question was thrust on to Emilia Clarke, the actress who plays Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen, she  simply shook her head. She later added, "You know, it's just going to be big."

"I really can't say much apart from you'll see the biggest moments on television that have ever existed," she teased. "There's something for everyone."

Earlier, Clarke expressed hope that her character would be able to reclaim the throne and rule with her dragons.

"I'm all about leaving the party when it's still kicking," she told ET Online. "So I think that maybe (season) seven will get split into two, or maybe it will just be straight to eight."

"What I would hope for Dany is that she wins the whole (expletive) thing," Clarke laughingly added. "That she wins, and she wins all of it - and she wins. That's what I think is going to happen!"

She is happy with Khaleesi's progression from season 1. Back then, she was a terrified young girl who was unsure of her leadership skills. Now, Khaleesi is self-assured and fit to rule.

"I think I was lucky because in season one, there was such a lovely arc. You saw her as this naïve young girl, and then I was able to find her strength, so there was that development," Clarke explained. "It wasn't as though I was just thrown in and expected to be this strong warrior. And then, with each season, it's just kind of grown and it's kind of wonderful."