Juan Manuel Marquez is being linked to a possible comeback fight against former World Boxing Council middleweight champion Miguel Cotto.

Gaby Penagaricano, Cotto's adviser, told World Boxing News that there are no ongoing talks about the possible showdown but added that anything is possible. But should Marquez decide to face Cotto this year? Here are three reasons why the Mexican boxing star should avoid colliding with Cotto.

Cotto is "Too Big and Too Strong" for Marquez

As retired boxing referee Joe Cortez pointed out, Cotto is simply too much for Marquez. Yes, Marquez has the skills and experience that made him one of most dangerous fighters in the world, but Cotto's size means trouble for the Mexican boxing icon.

Marquez was a superstar in the lightweight and super lightweight division earlier in his career. He fought Manny Pacquiao, Timothy Bradley and Mike Alvarado as a welterweight. But still, Cotto is too big and too strong, as he has not fought below 151 pounds for more than six years.

Age and Long Layoff

Whether he admits it or not, Marquez is simply a shadow of his old self. Yes, he won via unanimous decision against Alvarado in his last bout but the fight happened almost two years ago.

Marquez, who has 64 professional boxing fights under his belt, will turn 43 years old this year. It is also worth noting that the Mexico City native has turned down fight offers since his victory against Alvarado because he was dealing with knee issues, which is also clear proof that he is not getting any younger.

Marquez Has Nothing to Prove

Why fight again?

Marquez has not fought since May 2014, and there is no reason for him to end his layoff just to face Cotto and give fight fans what they want. Yes, a Marquez-Cotto fight will be added to the long list of historic bouts between a Mexican and a Puerto Rican boxer but it could also turn into a disappointment.

World titles in four different division, a win in his most recent fight, a memorable sixth-round knockout win against Pacquiao in 2012 -- these are just three accolades but more than enough for him to just sit back and relax for good in Mexico.

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