March for Life Sees Increasing Support from Evangelicals

The March for Life, an annual pro-life march which is taking place Friday in Washington, D.C., has largely been endorsed by and known as a Catholic event. However, this year's March for Life has seen much more promotion and endorsement from evangelical leaders. Hundreds of individuals identifying as evangelicals gathered on Thursday night before the march to join in the rally, reports say.

"The evangelical community needs to recognize what the Catholic community has been doing for four decades," said Jim Daily, the president of Focus on the Family, during the two day 'Evangelicals for Life' conference that started the night before the march on Friday. "It's critical for evangelicals to wake up to that commitment ... It's unfortunate it's taken 40 years for us to do that."

Daly and Russell Moore, the president of the the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Comission, two prominently known evangelical leaders, are featured as speakers at this year's march.

"There's no tension between evangelicals and Catholics on this issue," Moore told the Religion News Service.

Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, and Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, are also on the list of speakers at the Friday event.

Individuals who have undergone abortion or have been affected by abortion will also be sharing their testimonies.

The March for Life has been held annually on January 22 since 1974 to oppose the Roe v. Wade ruling.

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