Christianity Daily 12th anniversary
(Photo : Christianity Daily)
Korean American pastors and leaders from the greater Los Angeles Area gathered to celebrate Christianity Daily's 12th anniversary.

Christianity Daily celebrated its 12th anniversary, and the English edition’s 2nd anniversary, on Friday with a commemoration and dedication service at a hotel in Los Angeles with some 100 Korean American pastors and leaders in the greater Los Angeles community.

Over the years since its establishment on January 23, 2004, Christianity Daily has continued its growth through various initiatives such as opening new branches throughout the nation, by broadcasting the news through Radio Korea, and starting the English edition in 2010, said CEO John Lee. Many of those who were invited to share congratulatory remarks or a word of encouragement emphasized the newspaper’s English edition as a significant aspect that differentiates it from other Korean Christian newspapers in the community.

“The fact that the newspaper publishes articles in English is hugely significant,” said Rev. Amos Park, the senior pastor of All Nations Church in Inland, “because not only can our second generation Korean Americans read them, but anyone from any ethnic background who can read English has access to them.”

“This publication is an important part of our Korean American community and has been used by God to inform, instruct, encourage, and empower so many people including myself,” said Dr. Benjamin Shin of Biola University's Talbot School of Theology.

Christianity Daily 12th anniversary
(Photo : Christianity Daily)
Speakers at the gathering holding the cake-cutting pose.

Rev. Michael Lee said having such a newspaper for the Korean American community is “quite rare,” and makes the resource all the more valuable.

“What Christianity Daily is doing is so beneficial and helping so many people,” Lee said.

Rev. John I. Moon, senior pastor of Hanwoory Presbyterian Church, lauded the fact that Christianity Daily “has the vision to build up the next generation of leaders” through the English publication.

Rev. John S. Min, the president of the Council of Korean Churches in Orange County, and Rev. Jung Myung Song, the president of World Mission University, were also among those who gave remarks during the event — a line up which included two ‘first generation’ speakers, two ‘1.5 generation’ speakers, and two ‘second generation’ speakers. Rev. Yu Chul Chin, the senior pastor of LA Full Gospel Church, preached during the gathering on John 1:6-8, and encouraged the newspaper’s staff to be united under their identity within Christ — and assured that when that identity is sure, all other needs will be taken care of.

The gathering of some 100 pastors and leaders included both first, '1.5,' and second generation Korean Americans from the greater Los Angeles area. Rev. Ezra Kang, the president of Jesus Awakening Movement for America; Rev. Hee Min Park, former senior pastor of Young Nak Presbyterian Church; Rev. Steve Chang, senior pastor of Living Hope Community Church; Dr. Young Lee Hertig, executive director of the Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity; Hyepin Im, the president of Korean Churches for Community Development; Rev. Ronnie Park, lead pastor of Good Stewards Church’s English ministry; Rev. Sam Koh, the lead pastor of Los Angeles Christian Presbyterian Church’s English ministry; Rev. Young Lee, the lead pastor of Berendo Street Baptist Church's English ministry; Rev. Woogie Kim, the lead pastor of Shalom Presbyterian Church's English ministry; Pastor David Park, college pastor of Christ Central of Southern California; and Pastor James Kwak, the lead pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Orange County’s English ministry, were among those who attended.

Christianity Daily CEO John Lee asked those in the gathering to continue to support and pray for the newspaper, and said, “This isn’t something that we [the staff] are doing on our own, but it is a newspaper that comes to fruition through the community.”

“I’m excited to see God’s power revealed through this newspaper to unite and revive Korean churches,” he added, “and to bring about reconciliation between denominations, cultures, and generations by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Christianity Daily 12th anniversary
(Photo : Christianity Daily)
The newspaper's anniversary and dedication service took place at the JJ Grand Hotel in Los Angeles.