Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles where many homeless individuals live is The Church Without Walls -- a church with literally no walls, accessible to anyone who would like to visit. As a church not within a building but one that simply meets on the street, one could have a firsthand experience and encounter of Christ's love simply as they walk along.

The church was planted by an African American pastor by the name of Cue Jean Marie ten years ago. Currently, the church has some 20 congregants, 10 of whom are homeless, and the rest of whom come to the church to serve those who are homeless. There are about six Korean American members as well, including Yukyung Joo. After worship every week, the church members give food to some 150 homeless individuals around the area, and share God's love through worship, prayer, and fellowship.

"Without faith and obedience, it's a work that we simply cannot do," explained Joo. "There have been times that certain people disturbed the worship service because they were high on drugs or drunk."

"But even in those situations," Joo said, "I realized that God's heart is there."

She added that the church is currently in need of an open location that is available 24 hours a day for anyone to easily come and pray.