Monty Williams
(Photo : Keith Allison / Flickr / CC)
Monty Williams at a New Orleans Hornets v. Washington Wizards match on March 15, 2013.

Oklahoma City Thunder assistant coach Monty Williams delivered a eulogy at his wife's funeral on Thursday thanking supporters for their prayers, and reminding some 900 individuals who were present of what is truly important in life.

"During times like this it's easy to forget that because what we've gone through is pretty tough and it's hard and we want an answer and we don't always get that answer when we want it. But we can't lose sight of the fact that God loves," Williams said.

Monty Williams' wife, Ingrid, was in a car crash on February 9, and died on February 10 from the injuries. Three out of her five children were in the car with her, and are recovering from severe injuries. Susannah Donaldson, the other driver, was reportedly driving some 92 miles per hour in a 40-mile-per-hour speed limit zone. Donaldson died at the scene.

Williams, a devout Christian who often noted his faith in interviews and who also co-authored a book on reading the Bible in one year with his wife, encouraged mourners at the funeral to also forgive and pray for Donaldson and her family.

"Everybody's praying for my family ... Let's not forget there were two people in this situation, and that family needs prayer as well," Williams said at the funeral which took place at Crossings Community Church in Oklahoma City. "And we have no ill will towards that family. In my house, we have a sign that says, 'As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.' We cannot serve the Lord if we do not have a heart of forgiveness."

"That family didn't wake up wanting to hurt my wife," he continued. "Life is hard, it's very hard. That was tough. But we have no ill will towards the Donaldson family. We as a group, brothers united in unity, should be praying for that family because they grieve as well."

He continuously reminded mourners to keep in mind what is "important," using that word numerously.

"Let's not lose sight of what's important," he said towards the end of the eulogy. "God will work this out. My wife is in heaven. God loves us. God is love. And when we walk away from this place today, let's celebrate because my wife is where we all need to be."

"Let's not lose sight of what's important," he repeated as he concluded his remarks. "God is important. What Christ did on the cross is important. Let's keep what's important at the forefront."

Among those who attended the funeral included Chris Paul, Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan, and Austin "Doc" Rivers.

"I told him he ain't always got to be the strong one," Paul told ABC News. "He's all about family, strong in his faith. You could see from the outpouring how strong he is and how much he's loved. We all could learn something from him."

Williams' eulogy was noted in Christian blogs including Desiring God and The Gospel Coalition. Justin Taylor of The Gospel Coalition expressed hopes that everyone would become more like Williams.

"May the Lord make each one of us more like this man: even when hurt and in deep pain, he is fixed on God-centered hope, with an eternal perspective, freely offering forgiveness and freed from bitterness and complaint."

Marshall Segal of Desiring God wrote prayers for Williams and his children, Lael, Faith, Janna, Elijah, and Micah.

"We cannot now see all that God is doing, but I pray that he will sustain Monty's faith in the difficult days ahead, reminding this bereaved husband and father again and again that he is infinitely loved and cared for by his Heavenly Father," Segal wrote. "May God protect Lael, Faith, Janna, Elijah, and Micah from the evil one as they mourn and miss their mom for years to come. And may God spread the beautiful testimony of this family's faith throughout the NBA and throughout the world, bringing many to everlasting life through the tragedy and victory of this wife and mother's death."