Thrilling events are on deck in the upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives from March 7-11. Here are some of the scenes to expect in the new episodes based on DOOL spoilers that surfaced online.

Ben is on the loose after escaping from the psychiatric hospital, which could affect the upcoming wedding of Chad and Abigail. According to DOOL spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry, Chad and JJ will do everything possible and will even make false claims to keep Abby calm.

Abby will be informed that Ben is not heading to the Salem and was seen moving toward the border. Abby will also "try" to convince herself and people close to her that Ben will not have the confidence to show up at the mansion, knowing that he could be recaptured. But while she is doing everything to keep herself calm, Abby is obviously feeling nervous deep inside and will not feel well as long as Ben is on the loose.

Abby and Chad will not let the uncertain situation affect their plans. DOOL teaser showed, though, that Abby will shout in fear but the video did not reveal why. Check the video below.

It is still unknown at this point why Abby shrieked, especially after Celeb Dirty Laundry confirmed that Chad and Abigail will officially become Mr. and Mrs. DiMera. In fact, the newly-wed have a honeymoon in next week's episodes. Celeb Dirty Laundry offered possible explanation on why Abby shouted during the wedding.

"It's possible that the fears in the back of Abigail's mind will cause her to imagine seeing Ben," Celeb Dirty Laundry noted. "Based on all the pictures that have been circulating, it almost seems like the guests are a bit too calm to have a murderer in the room. They look more concerned than horrified."

Meanwhile, Soap Shows revealed that "The Agency" will try to convince Eduardo and John to return to the group. The assassin group want Eduardo and John back in exchange for Marlena and Ari's freedom.

Eduardo, who will surprise Rafe with his confession about being part of the group in the past, will not agree to rejoin the organization. Instead, he will do his best to get Marlena and Ari. However, another DOOL spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry revealed that Eduardo will be "gunned down" and will undergo critical surgery.

Will Eduardo survive? Know the answer in the upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives from Monday to Friday on NBC, 1 p.m. ET.