AMP released a new music video on February 25 for their latest song, 'The Master,' which was filmed in the streets of Seoul, South Korea, where the Korean American Christian hip hop trio recently toured in February.

The song focuses on the humility that God showed in coming to earth to die for sinners, and the joy and peace that results from following him.

"What a master, what a God, who died for sinners and the lost, He gave it all, nobody even compares," repeats the chorus.

In an interview with Rapzilla, a website that promotes Christian hip hop artists, AMP shared that this gospel is what people in South Korea need. A group of girls stood out in the memory of Chung Lee -- one of the AMP members -- from their most recent tour in Korea. As Sam Ock, another AMP member, was sharing his testimony and the gospel during one of their performances, Lee saw some of the girls "breaking down."

"People here are hungry to hear the true gospel," Lee said, and added that he was encouraged to "[bring] the message of the gospel and [to see] it was freeing these people."

"There's so much competition for these kids here because of media," he went on, saying that youth and young adults are pressured to keep up a particular image and to succeed.

Lee added that he hoped their music would allow them to realize that "their identity is not in any of these things but their identity is in Christ."

'The Master' is the latest single that the group has released, and is a part of the 'Glory Songs Deluxe' album, which was released in late January.

(Photo : Courtesy of AMP)
(From left to right: Chung Lee, Sam Ock, James Han, members of AMP)

Meanwhile, the release of 'Glory Songs Deluxe' marks AMP's fifth year since the group's debut. The album includes the same songs as AMP's first ever album, 'Glory Songs,' with four bonus tracks and 'The Master'.

"This project [Glory Songs Deluxe] is really to thank all of you guys for your support," said Lee in a thank you video.

"These past five years have been quite the journey for us," Lee said in the video. "Especially starting out with the desire to reach the youth with music, and seeing how the Lord has just opened the doors time after time. Seeing how he used this music to reach people has been incredible."

"Thank you for five years of showing us love and showing us encouragement," he said.