The growing list of Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list is about to get longer as Mike Ybarra, director of program management for Xbox confirmed, the new set can be expected at the end of the month.

According to the Express, preview members however, will have the advantage of trying the games ahead of time and before they are even launched in the program.

Currently, the Microsoft project for Xbox One is being supported by several independent game developers. Take for example, Alexandre Migeon of Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders.

During his interview, which was featured on the GamingBolt, he said "Being gamers ourselves, we would love to see real full backward compatibility for every brand. Microsoft is trying hard to improve the brand image since the start of the Xbox One. Let's hope backward compatibility will be soon available for most of the fantastic 360 games launched this last decade and that the hard work will be appreciated by gamers."

Meanwhile, players who wish to get a copy of some of the Xbox 360 games can go ahead and check the Xbox Store for the latest update and addition on the list. Ybarra said that the Xbox Store is the fastest way to access any updates on the latest game additions, instead of going through or restarting their Xbox 360 consoles.

The latest on the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list include "Mass Effect 3," "Bomberman Live," "Crackdown" and "Crackdown 2." The Xbox One Backwards Compatibility feature remains to be one of Microsoft's strongest feature against any other platform and although the number of games being added each month is not that many, fans continue to enjoy the growing list.

Previously, N4BB featured some new additions to the list of backwards compatible games like "Geometry Wars Evolved" and "Sacred 3" were added on the list. Not included on the list, but already confirmed to join the backwards compatibility feature are "Halo Wars," "Bioshock: Infinite," "Skate 3," "Bioshock," "Call of Duty: Black Ops III" and "Bioshock 2."

Find out more about the updated list of Xbox one Backwards Compatibility here, in the coming days.