As Christian youth try to navigate in today’s world, they may find themselves faced with numerous obstacles, including skepticism about their faith from their peers, and conflicting views from the surrounding society and culture. Equipping youth with an understanding of a Christian worldview to be able to defend and maintain their faith in the midst of those obstacles is one of the main purposes behind the upcoming Truth Matters Conference hosted by Church Everyday.

The conference was initially exclusive to youth students at Church Everyday, but when the staff found that youth students of other churches also showed a desire to learn, they decided to expand and open up the conference to allow students from other churches to join starting the second conference.

Last year’s conference was focused on helping youth to engage in apologetic conversations with their peers.

This year -- the third time the conference is taking place -- the conference will focus on helping them understand the Christian worldview.

“A lot of our students may know theology, doctrine, and even apologetics, but many aren’t sure how it applies to their everyday lives, or how the Bible is applicable in today’s cultural landscape,” explained Kevin Yi, the youth pastor at Church Everyday, in a statement on Facebook.

“Teaching our young students to think consistently and in accordance with God’s Word is essential for developing a faith that lasts through the college/university experience.”

“We all know of students who have abandoned the faith after high school, and this conference is designed to help both parents and young students recognize the traps of our culture and how to think clearly through today’s pressing cultural issues so that they’re better equipped to handle what comes in the future,” Yi said.

The conference will start off with a session with Michael Sherrard, the director of Ratio Christi College Prep, who will be speaking about relational apologetics.

The second day is packed with sessions on what a worldview is; keeping the faith in college; homosexuality and Christianity; and being an influence in culture. Discussion groups and times for questions and answers are also included throughout the conference.

Several of the sessions will be led by Caleb Kaltenbach, the lead pastor of Discovery Church, and one who was raised in the LGBT community. Greg Koukl, founder of the apologetics organization Stand To Reason, will be speaking in three services on Sunday, which is an optional portion of the conference.

“By focusing on worldview, we can begin to address many of the things that concern us in our culture,” Yi explained. “As we turn together specifically towards the beauty and richness of the Christian worldview, we can begin to develop culture making and leadership skills to redeem and restore the broken things in our culture.”

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