Australian Christian church leaders offered prayers for over 31 killed and hundreds wounded in the Brussels attacks, and their families.

"The religious terrorist claims the mandate of God to inflict suffering. On the Cross, we see one who preferred to accept suffering rather than inflict it," said Anglican Archbishop of Adelaide Jeffrey Driver.

Sydney Anglican priest Philip Freier said Easter is about triumph of love and life over terror. He said that, "This biblical truth ­invites us not to lose courage in the face of human cruelty or to lose hope on account of the apparent triumph of evil and despair.''

Security was tightened in airports, and policemen patrolled in large numbers on roads this Easter weekend due to high-level of alert sounded across the country in the wake of Brussels attacks.

"We see so much despair and hopelessness around the world - the world seems to be turning in on itself," remarked Sydney Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies.

Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson said that Easter is special this year as Pope Francis has called this an Year of Mercy, which is the central message of Easter: the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

"[Jesus'] way changed the world and still offers hope today to a world increasingly divided by fundamentalism and torn by violence," said Driver.