Korean American Non-Profits to Host 'Healing Seminar' for Mothers

KFAM KYCC YNOT mothers healing seminar
(Photo : Courtesy of KFAM)
One of the art projects a mother made to express herself.

A group of Korean American community service organizations have held hands to provide a 'healing seminar' for Korean mothers in Los Angeles.

The seminar, themed 'How is your heart, Mom?', will take place at the Korean American Family Services (KFAM) office from 10 AM to 12 PM on March 31, and is co-hosted by KFAM, Koreatown Youth and Community Center (KYCC), and YNOT Community Services.

The two-hour long seminar will be divided into three parts. For the first two portions, mothers will be able to have a time to examine themselves through an art workshop and a presentation called, 'Signals your heart is sending you.' Then, during the third portion, mothers will be able to participate in another presentation called, 'When discipline becomes abuse,' and evaluate whether certain words or actions that were brought about in the heat of the moment may have hurt their children, or whether their disciplining methods -- often influenced by Korean culture -- may fall under the 'abuse' category in the U.S.

KFAM KYCC YNOT mothers healing seminar
(Photo : Courtesy of KFAM)
From left to right: Hyunmi An (clinical counselor at KFAM), Hyehyun Park (a family advocate at KFAM), and Jane Kim (program coordinator at KYCC).

"As children become three years old and go into preschool, mothers start to have more freedom in terms of time, but they can feel anxiety, depression, or lack of energy due to an uncertainty about their future," shared Hyunmi Ahn, a clinical counselor at KFAM. "Those who prepared the seminar are people have gone through similar phases. We hope that mothers will be able to come and just rest, learn, and ask any questions they may have about childcare and educating their children."

The seminar will be carried out in Korean, and is sponsored by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LAC DMH) and the Asian Pacific Islander Outreach Project (API OEE).

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