ABC took down the melodramatic spin of Biblical account of Saul and David, the "Of Kings and Prophets," after just two episodes, following criticism from Parents Television Council and low ratings.

The premiere of the drama pulled only 3.3 million viewers, and the ratings further dropped to 2.4 million in the second week.

The series intended to depict the interplay of the lives of Israel's earliest kings, Saul and David, and the priest Samuel, but it appeared to lean towards dramatization and missed the subtle Biblical message woven in the characters and their relationship with God.

Rather, the supposedly-Biblical account was reduced to a Hollywood-style story of sex and violence, the critics say.

"We're very delighted in that decision made by ABC," Tim Winter, PTC President, told The Christian Post on Friday. "We certainly question why they would ever put it on the air to begin with, but the good news is it has received a death sentence just two weeks in."

He called it a "knock-off" of History Channel's 2013 hit series, "The Bible," which opened to 13.1 million viewers.

"It appears that their primary objective was to be edgy and explicit, rather than to entertain with a biblical story. And in so doing, they're carving away a large percentage of their potential market. This further demonstrates a disconnect between what the entertainment industry wants to produce and what family audiences want to consume," Winter said in a PTC press release.

"The only reason networks cancel a show without burning off the remaining episodes is that there is no advertiser support. The dollars simply aren't there, and it is more economical for them to air something else entirely - despite the fact that they've paid for those unaired episodes," he said on the organization's website.

The program now will be replaced by "Beyond the Tank" the Shark Tank companion series, to be aired at 10 pm PT.