The Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to make changes and could eventually part ways with Kevin Love this summer if the Cavs fail to win the title this season.

NBA insider Zach Lowe of ESPN revealed that the Cavaliers are in win-now mode, as they are set to spend big time on salaries and luxury tax this season. And if they fail to win the title again this season, team officials are expected to break the current group, which has been a subject of numerous rumors about lack of chemistry.

"If the Cavs come up short, there will be changes," Lowe said. "This is not a happy group. Even those who caution that the team isn't as miserable as it seems from the outside concede they are a joyless bunch. Joy matters."

And in the event the Cavaliers decide to make moves, Love could be the first man out. The former All-Star power forward signed a five-year, $113.21 million deal last summer but was still mentioned in NBA trade rumors before the deadline last month because of alleged chemistry issues with fellow superstar Kyrie Irving and LeBron James.

"If they lose again, I'd bet big on Love being elsewhere -- a split that might end up the best thing for everyone," Lowe wrote, referring to the possible trade involving Love after the 2015-16 NBA season.

Love drew the interest of several teams before the deadline, including the Boston Celtics, who have long coveted the 27-year-old power forward. Lowe confirmed that the Celtics and the Cavaliers discussed a possible trade for Love in February, but Cleveland eventually backed out after Boston low-balled during the negotiation.

"Cleveland and Boston had trade talks for Love at the deadline, though they died with Boston offering a low-ball package the Cavs wouldn't consider, according to several league sources," Lowe said. "Even if Boston's interest has faded, someone will call Cleveland about Love around the draft."

Love, who is playing in his eighth season in the league, previously said that he wants to remain with the Cavaliers because he wants to win. However, the former UCLA standout, who is averaging 15.8 points and 9.9 rebounds this season, might have to do it elsewhere if the Cavaliers fail to win the championship this season.