Selena Gomez surprised the audience at the Hillsong Church's Young & Free Revival Concert in Los Angeles by singing her dedication song "Nobody."

She shared a picture of herself on Instagram worshipping, with the caption: "First time I ever lead worship. I got to perform my first worship song I ever wrote. So grateful for His grace and understanding."

Here are the lyrics of the song "Nobody," which is also from her album "Revival":

"No oxygen, could barely breathe

My darkest sin, you've raised release

And it's all because of you, all because of you

I don't know what it is, but you've pulled me in

No one compares, could ever begin

To love me like you do

Hmm I wouldn't want them to

Cause... Nobody's gonna love me like you"

"Tonight is more than a concert, it's more than Hillsong, it's more than me coming on stage, singing a song for you," Selena told the audience at the concert. "It's about a relationship that is greater than anything, guaranteed."

In her Instagram picture, she is seen closing her eyes and holding her hands up in praise. Then the singer said that the song is about the one thing that "holds it all together for [her] when [she] can't bear to do it [herself]."

Gomez told Breathecast that she is a Christian and regularly attends the Hillsong Church, and has posted several photos from their Bible study sessions, which she has also attended with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on Mar 24, 2016 at 3:42pm PDT