"God's Not Dead 2" did well at the box office with a $2.95 million debut on Friday, followed by a $8.1 million opening over the weekend.

The original movie "God's Not Dead," made $9.2 million during its opening weekend, and then made about $62 million in US market.

According to Forbes, the movie's 2.74x multiplier (Friday box office gross divided by total weekend earnings) might get the movie to gross $23.5 million easily.

The movie "God's Not Dead 2" is about a school teacher Grace, played by Melissa Hart, who is taken to court for referring to Jesus' quotes while answering a question posed by a student.

The student had asked her about the origin of nonviolent views of Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. She quoted the scripture from Bible, where Jesus is telling people to forgive and not pay wrong for wrong.

"Whether we want to admit it or not we're at war. The war of Ephesians 6," David A.R. White who plays Reverend Dave says in the film. "If we insist on denying that then we've already lost."

At the end of the movie, dozens of real-life court cases such as the one depicted in the movie, fought by Alliance Defending Freedom, were listed. Some of the cases still seen on the ADF website are A.M. v. Taconic Hills Central School District, A.P. v. Tomah Area School District, Adams v. Trustees of the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.

Apart from Melissa Hart, other main actors starring in the movie are: Pat Boone as Grace's grandfather Walter Wesley, Jesse Metcalfe as Grace's lawyer Tom Endler, Fred Thompson as Senior Pastor, Sadie Robertson as student Marlene, Benjamin Onyango as Reverend Jude, David A. R. White as Reverend Dave, Robin Givens as Principal Kinney, Hayley Orrantia as Brooke Thawley, Paul Kwo as Martin Yip, Ernie Hudson as Judge Stennis, and Ray Wise as prosecuting attorney Pete Kane.

"God's Not Dead" also features the Christian rock band Newsboys playing themselves, this time all well.