Kit Harington really was in for some tough interrogation at Jonathan Ross Show, where he had to undergo a "lie detector" test to prove his answers were 'right'!

In the interview, which probably he had never faced before, he was asked a number of questions about the next season of Game of Thrones.

Harington was asked to put his hand inside a weird monster-looking machine with a cord attached, under the control of the host.

Is his character Jon Snow really dead in the next season? Is he ever going to come back? All these questions, if those were not to the satisfaction of the host, he was in for real SHOCK.

Being subjected to 'third-degree torture,' he had to answer 'truthfully' or else face a SHOCKING pain, quite visible on his face, and well on his sprinting body as well as he leaped and leaped up in pain.

Harington, though, was quite an obedient kid through it all, and most probably he also told the truth. He might be dead on the show, but maybe he comes back, given the way he responded to the last question.

He was asked, "Will you come back?" To this question, he remains silent for a time, and then says a meek 'no,' to which the host gives him the last electric shock telling him that he was not satisfied by the answer.

So, it may not be a valid lie-detector test, but it was quite entertaining for sure!

The show comes back on 24 April on HBO.