Christian University Student Expelled for Quoting Bible on Homosexuality Loses Reinstatement Appeal

University of Sheffield
(Photo : "Sheffield Students' Union"/wikimedia/CC) Christian student, Felix Ngole, who was expelled from the University of Sheffield for quoting the Bible on a Facebook post has lost his appeal for reinstatement.

A Christian student named Felix Ngole, who was expelled from the University of Sheffield for quoting the Bible on a Facebook post, has lost his appeal for reinstatement.

In September of 2015, Ngole posted on his personal Facebook page arguing against homosexual activity according to the teachings of the Bible. His post was supportive of Kim Davis a county clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

He added in his post that a Bible verse from Leviticus calls homosexuality an "abomination".

At the time he posted the statements on Facebook, Felix Ngole, aged 38 and married with four children, was pursuing his Master’s degree in social work at the university.

The university had claimed that that he had “transgressed boundaries which are not deemed appropriate for someone entering the Social Work profession.”

Ngole’s postings, although outside the workplace, were found to be upsetting to colleagues and “may have caused offense to some individuals” in voicing his opinion, according to a hearing by the university.

Christian Today reports that Ngole's appeal was lost because the Facebook post was found inappropriate and not in line with the conduct outlined in the Health and Care Professional Councils.

The appeals office stated in a letter that Ngole had not “offered any insight or reflection” for his post, how his post may have affected others, and how it may have possibly affected his professional life.

“I am not against people who are in same-sex relationships, that is their choice, but I am a Christian and if asked for my views I should be free to express that,” Ngole told the Telegraph.

Ngole is considering taking further action with the support of the Christian Legal Centre.

Andrea Williams, founder of the Christian Legal Centre, states that “Mr. Ngole has worked with those who identify as homosexual in the past and has always treated them with respect, never discriminating against them. There is no evidence that Felix’s biblical views would have negatively impacted his work.”

Williams believes that it is crucial to take further action because it is the first time a student has been stopped to further pursue a vocation before actually starting it, “simply for holding traditional Christians views on marriage and sexuality.”

She claims that this event is sadly “yet another case of Christians being ‘neutered’ in the public arena.”

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