The second episode of "The Story of God" with Morgan Freeman featured survivors of hurricane Katrina, and how their Christian faith helped them to endure the hardships and rebuild their lives and of those around them.

The series is being aired on National Geographic, in which he travels to 20 cities in seven country to explore faith.

In the episode 2, titled "End of Days," stories of ministers and families who took shelter at Carrollton Avenue Church of Christ in New Orleans, during 2005 Katrina storm is told.

The hurricane hit Mississippi river, and broke the flood walls in New Orleans. Eighty percent of the city was covered with about 100 billion gallons of water, which made rescue operation very difficult.

Freeman came to know that some residents thought the hurricane was the end of the world, but others looked for refuge at their local church, where they found hope. They said that they knew God would rescue them and bring them out of disaster.

"I just begin to kneel down and pray. We could actually see the water rising and we thought it'd stop but it kept rising," Angela Marsalis, who also took refuge at a church, told Freeman.

She and her husband Charles said they only planned to remain in the church for night, and then return to their homes the next morning. But the water level kept rising and flooded even the pews, and so they had to huddle in the church balcony.

The couple also saw alligators and snakes in water, and many who were sick and needed to receive medical assistance immediately.

"I felt the devil was at work," Charles said. "It was a really dark time."

While encountering unspeakable horrors, the congregation at church sang worship songs all night. They said they had to confront the evil which seemed to press against them from all sides.

"Not even Katrina could shake that faith of God, no way," said Charles.

The first episode, titled "Beyond Death," dealt with the topic of afterlife. The documentary featured David Bennett, former naval officer, who had a near-death experience about 33 years ago. He had fallen off his ship, and felt himself being pulled towards a great light, but a voice told him, "This is not your time. You must return." He told Freeman, "That light. That was God to me."

"I have always been fascinated by God," Freeman says in "The Story of God" trailer that can be watched below.

The other remaining episodes to be aired from the six-part series are "Who is God?", "Creation", "Why Does Evil Exist?", and "The Power of Miracles".