Two years after comedian Tracy Morgan had a deadly car accident, which left him in coma for about 10 days, he says he is a different man now, more God-centric, and full of love.

The 47-year-old comedian and "30 Rock" star's limo was struck by a Wal-Mart truck driver who was speeding after working a 13 hour shift. Four of his friends were critically wounded, but one other - comedy writer 62-year-old James McNair - was killed.

Driver Kevin Roper pled not guilty to charges of aggravated manslaughter because of the speeding accident. But Morgan said that he relied on God in this situation, and was not angry at him.

"I'm not mad at nobody," he told Oprah Winfrey at "Super Soul Sunday" on OWN TV. "I'm leaving stuff in God's hands."

"Something's different, the way I am with people, something's just different. I find myself saying 'I love you' 200 times a day to strangers," he said. "That's how we're supposed to be as human beings. What we see sometimes down here on Earth, there ain't no room for that up in heaven."

"When you're in a coma for 8-10 days, you're basically knocking on the door," Morgan said. "I don't remember if I was in the coma or out of the coma, but I remember talking to my dad. He had this green thing on. I just remember him saying, 'I'm not ready for you, son.' And I started crying so hard. I was crying hard probably harder than I cried at his funeral. And I just kept saying, 'Dad.' He was my best friend," he said.

At another interview with Complex, he said that he also spoke with God. "Do you know what God said to me? 'Your room ain't ready.. I still got something for you to do.'"

Morgan said that the near-death experience changed him completely and he is not the same person any more.

"You're never going to be normal after you go through something like that. You don't die for a few weeks and then come back to normal, trust me," he said. "Something's going to be missing, something's going to be gained - you just got to live your life after that. But after surviving something like that, I'm probably never going to feel normal."

When Winfrey asked him what he is grateful for after the crash. He replied, "Life." He said he now enjoys the simple occasions of life.

"Just life every day," he said. "Taking my daughter to dance class. Being with my lady, my wife who loves me. Just chilling."