The premier of 'The Story of God' with Morgan Freeman broke records at National Geographic with this year's highest viewership of 3.5 million in Live +3 ratings, and became the channel's fourth most-watched show ever.

The National Geographic page for the show received over 800,000 views till the premiere was featured on April 3, raking in most traffic for the channel. The network also reported that social promotion for the show reached about 40 million people.

Freeman told CBS News that the theme of the mini-series about God, and the message he received while shooting for the episodes is that people everywhere are asking same questions about life and Supreme Being.

"In this situation, we're hoping that the public at large gets the lesson of the sameness of the human condition. We're not as different as we might think we are," said Freeman. "We're all seeking the same thing and asking the same questions, and basically coming up with the same ideas about who we are, what we are, and where we are going," he added.

The first premiere episode 'Beyond Death' delved into beliefs in afterlife and how people modify their behaviors because of their expectation of eternity.

The second episode 'Apocalypse' explores the apocalyptic predictions and speaks with Pastors and church congregation which survived the Hurricane Katrina, and how their faith helped them endure testing times.

The other remaining episodes to be aired from the six-part series are "Who is God?", "Creation", "Why Does Evil Exist?", and "The Power of Miracles".