Blake Shelton released his new single "Savior's Shadow" from his upcoming album "If I'm Honest."

Shelton took a break from his usual radio routine, and refused to leave his Savior's 'shadow.'

It goes like this:

"I'm standing in my Savior's shadow

He is watching over me

I feel the rain, I hear the thunder

As he cries for me


I'm standing in my Savior's shadow

Grace will lead to where I'm free

I take his hand, we walk together

And his light shines on me


Though the devil try to break me

My sweet Jesus won't forsake me

When I'm in my Savior's shadow

Where I'm supposed to be....."

It is a short country song, reflecting heartfelt intimacy with God, light melodic touch and sweet harmonies.

The song rose to the top of iTunes Christian and Gospel charts, for which Shelton thanked his fans on Twitter.

"Can't believe the response to saviors shadow... Thank y'all.." he said in his post.

He also wrote last week that he thought about writing this song long ago, one year back.

"I dreamed the song last summer," he wrote. "I woke up and wrote down everything I could remember."

He wrote the song with co-writers Jessi Alexander and Jon Randall. Alexander said that it was Shelton's idea, and they helped him finish the song.

"He started an incredible song, a gospel song, and asked me and JR to help him finish. It's beautiful and moving and I can't wait for him to tell the story. It's almost his 'Why Me Lord' - it's very deep to him and to us."

"If I'm Honest" will be up for release on 20th May.