Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao invited his contender Timothy Bradley to Bible Study just after the 12-round match in Las Vegas last week, which he won.

This was the last boxing match played by Pacquiao, as he has retired from the sport to concentrate solely on politics in his home country Philippines, where he hopes to serve people through public service.

Pacquiao, who is also a born-again Christian pastor, invited Bradley for a Bible Study, and Bradley could be heard asking "What time?" over mic, after which the audience gave a standing ovation to the legend who was bidding his farewell to boxing.

"Bradley is a nice guy, he's a good man. In fact, I invited him tomorrow to our Bible study," Pacquiao told the press at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. "He said he will try."

It was reported later though that Bradley gave the Bible study a miss, and ended up not attending it.

Pacquiao is running for a senate seat in Philippines this May, and has already served two terms as congressman for Sarangani province.

"Pacquiao, 37, has maintained throughout training camp that this would be the finale to his Hall of Fame career. He's seeking a senate seat in the Philippines next month, and said he wants to focus on serving the people of his native country," The Desert Sun reported.

"Let me enjoy first a retired life," Pacquiao told his fans. "If you ask me [if I'll] come back, I don't know. I might be enjoying retired life. I'm not there [retired life] yet, so I don't know the feeling. I've committed to my family, I've made my decision already."

He said that leaving boxing was not an easy decision for him as he really loves the sport, but he wants to spend time with his family and wants to work for the benefit of his countrymen post retirement.