Church Everyday, one of the largest Korean immigrant churches in Southern California, ordained two of its non-Korean members to become deacons during its 17th anniversary celebration on April 10.

James Darcey and Michael Lambert were among 34 others to become ordained as deacons on Sunday. Seven elders were also ordained during the ceremony.

The ceremony was attended by members of the Presbyterian Church International General Assembly (PCIGA), the denomination which Church Everyday is affiliated with.

Suh Lee, the president of the Presbyterian Church International General Assembly, encouraged those who were ordained and appointed to “seek God with all their being as the deer thirsts for water,” and to “build up God’s church with the grace, wisdom, and power that God has given.”

“I hope you will be leaders who remember the commitment that you made today, and that you would firmly hold up the vision of the senior pastor,” said Jong Wook Kim, the general manager of the PCIGA.

Hong Joo Choi, the senior pastor of Church Everyday, said he is “thankful to God for raising up precious leaders,” and said, “We will be a church that continues to love and serve our community.”