We've all been informed once or multiple times in life that our phones are ringing and that we should answer it. These cases happen because we either are not listening, paying attention, or we hear the call but simply ignore it.

For months prior to this week, people from all around the world were telling one another to pick up the phone! This was a call that they did not want to reject or miss; it was a call from God.

God sent out a call to all the nations to gather for Azusa Now on April 9th 2016 -- for one reason, because He loves us. He loves us so much that He wants His children to come together regardless of the color of their skin, their spoken language, their history or background, and come together to have unity through Jesus Christ. The results were astounding! A rough number of 80,000 were physically present at this gathering and 20,000 of these members were of Korean descent. This excludes over 600,000 viewers that participated through video on Live Stream. Hallelujah!

Before I go any further, I believe a short explanation of Azusa Now is needed. It all started in April 9,1906 from the Azusa Street Revival here in Los Angeles. There were 3 key factors of what makes the "1906 Azusa Street Revival" a legacy, that impacts us even till this day. Firstly, there was a multi-ethnic gathering of unity in Christ (Acts 2:1-11). Secondly, the miraculous, attesting ministry of the Holy Spirit was enjoyed in a unique way (Acts 2:2-4). Finally, there was a clear presentation of the Gospel leading many to salvation (Acts 2:37-41). Azusa Now is simply as titled, Azusa Right Now! An entire day for the purpose of unity, miracles, healing and the proclamation of the gospel.

So how was it you may be wondering?

From my personal experience through the time and energy that God granted me, I witnessed many results of His amazing power and grace.

It all started when driving to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (aka "the bowl") in the early morning to attend this long awaited event. To my surprise the streets were jam-packed with vehicles and the destination all pointed to the bowl. I couldn't help but to ponder, out of all the comfortable beds that each person can be laying on, they were chasing God, racing to pray. Seeing how many people from all around world have come to join the response to the call was heart throbbing; this was the first time in my life I ever appreciated traffic!

However, this was just the beginning. The main event was the moment I entered the coliseum and throughout my time there that day. Passionate worship filled the open air, shouts of prayers shook the city and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit was revealed through healing, restoration, harmony and lives being saved in every direction. People were standing up from their wheelchairs, deaf ears were popped into hearing, bones were being aligned, suicidal thoughts fled the scene, addictions were crushed and so much more! Not only did people come back to Jesus, many people came to know Jesus for the first time. Death to old things, old self and Life to a new creation through Jesus Christ!

God is alive! God is working! He has been calling us not just for this past event of Azusa Now but everyday of our lives. How will we respond?

Daniel Jung

Daniel Jung is the senior pastor of Saemmool Church located in La Mirada, CA.