The Council of Korean Southern Baptist Churches in America (CKSBCA) will be holding its 35th annual meeting from June 20 to 23 at Tacoma First Baptist Church. The CKSBCA’s meeting comes soon after the denomination-wide annual meeting, which will be taking place from June 14 to 15 in St. Louis.

This year’s meeting will focus on the theme, “The Great Commission: All Together,” based on Matthew 28:19-20, and is set to feature speakers such as David Platt, president of the SBC's International Mission Board, Randy Adams, the executive director of the Northwest Baptist Convention, and Kaehyek Kim of the Global Baptist Church in Seoul, according to Baptist Press.

The annual meeting will feature sessions for ministry reports, financial reports, election of officers, and amendments to the bylaws, among others, but will also feature sessions aiming to recharge and rejuvenate pastors exploring topics such as spiritual and physical health.

Organizers expressed that they hope the annual meeting will be a time of “enjoyable fellowship,” and that through the conference, pastors would “find rest and be recharged.”

“Tacoma First Baptist Church has been preparing to assist and host all of the pastors and their families during the upcoming annual meeting, which is fast approaching,” the organizers stated. “We hope and pray that all who plan on attending would come with the expectation that the fragrance of Jesus would be abundant in the Seattle area, and that the annual meeting would be pleasing to him.”