Scripture lovers in United States will come together for a 90-hour Bible Reading Marathon outside the Capitol Building in Washington DC, between May 1 and May 5.

Starting at 6 pm on May 1, they will start reading from Genesis 1:1 to Revelations 22:21 by noon on May 5, which is approximately 90 hours of reading, non-stop, be it day or night.

This is the twenty-seventh marathon to be held at Capitol Hill, according to Reverend Michael Hall, co-director of the event.

"During these five days, hundreds of Bible believers will travel to the West Front of the U.S. Capitol to read a portion of the Bible, to listen and to pray," he said. "The U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon began in 1990. The event serves to honor the Bible, celebrate religious freedom and unite the diverse branches of Christianity around the Bible."

The day on which the contest concludes is also the National Day of Prayer, on which the participants can pray after completing the Bible reading.

"The public reading of God's Holy Word will call the nation to return to God's precepts and will lay a solid foundation for the National Day of Prayer," Hall said.

The occasion will celebrate Christians' freedom of assembly, speech, and religion, and will seek to unify different denominations through a singular passion for Christ.

About 100 English and foreign language version Bibles will be available at the marathon, so that Christians from different communities and ethnicities can take part in the event.

The first marathon was organized by Dr. John Hash and Dr. Corinthia Boone in 1990. In recent years, the event is being sponsored by Faith and Action.

Gospel recording artist Nathan Kistler and Sight & Sound Theater lead vocalist Karen Knight will be leading the worship music for the Bible athletes.

Another 90-hour marathon will be hosted by Salem-Troy Baptist Association in Troy, Alabama during the same days. STBA's mission and outreach director Donnie Dunn said that Bible Reading Marathon is a way to honor the Word of God.

"We need 360 readers to fill those slots," she said. "But some people read longer and others read at several different times. Some churches will fill a time block with readers and we also have groups that volunteer to read in blocks.

Volunteers from any part of the country who would like to come and join the marathon on Capitol Hill may email or call (202) 441-6455. Bible enthusiasts who would like to go to Alabama may also call STBA at (334) 566- 1538.