A series of events and seminars for mothers will be taking place in the month of May, which is often known in the Korean community as the ‘month for family,’ as Korea’s Children’s Day lands on May 5, and Parents’ Day lands on May 8.

The events, some of which are co-hosted by KYCC and all of which are hosted by KFAM, will be taking place on May 4, 11, and 25, all free of charge and primarily for mothers with children who are under the age of 18.

In March, KFAM, KYCC, and YNOT Community Services co-hosted a ‘healing seminar’ for mothers, during which mothers were able to participate in art workshops that help them to examine their emotional states, and a seminar regarding disciplining their children. On May 4 and 11, KFAM and KYCC will be co-hosting follow-up 'healing seminars' on different topics, but in the same format as the March seminar: an art workshop in the beginning, and a seminar on parenting towards the end.

The seminar taking place on the 25th will focus on learning about the different dangers that children may be exposed to in today’s society, and how parents can best protect their children.

“Children can grow with healthy hearts and bodies when they grow up with healthy families,” said Connie Chung Joe, the executive director of KFAM. “We hope that many mothers would be able to participate in these events that we’ve prepared for this month.”

All of the seminars will take place at the KFAM office in Koreatown. For more information, email dkim@kfamla.org.