A group of Christian organizations is partnering together to launch a study Bible with notes contextualized to the African culture.

Spearheaded by Oasis International, a publishing ministry for Africa, the project called the African Study Bible aims to provide a study Bible produced and developed "by Africans for Africans," according to a press release.

More than 300 individuals from 50 countries have contributed to the project, and major Christian organizations such as Campus Crusade for Christ International, Willow Creek, Moody Broadcasting, The Livingstone Corporation, and others are partnering with Oasis in support.

"Hundreds of millions of Africans know and love Christ. However, most discipleship and biblical resources come from a Western perspective -- a culture far removed from their own," said Oasis International in its Kickstarter page. "The Africa Study Bible bridges the gap of cultural understanding and Scriptural relevance by revealing the truth and beautiy of God's Word through African eyes."

"With the ASB, we're bringing the power of Scripture to Africa in a new and culturally relevant way," Dr. Matthew Elliott, the president of Oasis, said. "Under the leadership of an 11-member editorial board of scholars from across Africa, we've brought together 350 writers and editors from over 40 African countries, representing 50 denominations. This is an unprecedented project that will impact the global church."

The first set of Bibles to be released will be in English in the New Living Translation (NLT) with more than 2,200 notes. Oasis plans to also provide study Bibles in French and Portuguese thereafter.

Oasis is currently running a Kickstarter page to fundraise $100,000 to help print the first 100,000 copies of the African Study Bible. The Kickstarter will close on June 17, and currently has some $7,800 pledged.