Two Christian military veterans are on a cross-country bicycle tour and mission to raise awareness about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Michael Priddy and David Allison are a part of God-centered ministry Mighty Oaks that conducts six-day programs to help veterans and military personnel suffering from PTSD to gain strength from God and turn their lives around.

They want to raise $1 million through their bike journey, which started from Squaw Valley, California on April 28, and will end at Quantico, Virginia, covering a distance of 2,700 miles.

Mighty Oaks has seven locations around the country, where spiritual and psychological needs of military personnel are addressed through the message of Gospel.

"The suicide rate is 22 a day. As well as the divorce rate of most combat veterans is upwards of 80 percent. Most people don't know that. I think if more people knew about that they would be up in arms about it. They would want a solution for it," Marine vertan Michael Priddy says.

Mighty Oaks Warrior Program helps veterans and military personnel to come out of PTSD, by knowing the will of God for their lives.

"This program saved my life and changed my life," Priddy said. "If I didn't go to this program and be shown by men just like me that we can change. I am not sure where I would be today."

"I destroyed my marriage, I destroyed my relationship with my kids. I came home facing divorce and kids that didn't want to have anything to do with me," Priddy told GB Tribune.

"Our veterans today, they're told they're broken... There is healing. And they can live a purposeful life again," says Priddy.

"It's just the gospel of Jesus Christ and the healing power that can only come from Him and when the men decide to accept Christ," Priddy told the Christian Post. "It is just that instance when you make that decision and that instance that you get it and finally submit and fall to the altar and say, 'Ok God, do with me what You will.' That is the thing that starts the healing process."

The Marine vet shared that earlier this year, his biking partner and fellow veteran, David Allison, completed the Mighty Oaks program in Sacramento.

Shortly after that, Allison, an Army veteran who also served 30 years as a policeman, came up with the idea of launching a bike tour to serve struggling military personnel and raise money for Mighty Oaks' Sacramento outpost. Allison then recruited Priddy, who came on board with the project.

"Our hopes during our journey are to reach as many people as we can and get the word out about this program and hopefully get help for these veterans that are suffering with PTSD through the Mighty Oaks Program," Allison said.

"Its not one of those things that people talk about freely. But its fair to say that its hard not to suffer some of the effects of it when you deal with abnormal situations whether that's in combat or anybody that sees something out of the norm," says Allison.

They ride through different towns and meet other veterans at Churches and VFWs (Veterans of Foreign Wars), and speak to them about the message they are carrying.

"Our vision is to provide restoration and hope to the men and women who have selflessly given so much of themselves in service to our country," their website says.

To learn more about the program or to donate, click on the link provided by No Man Rides Alone: