The eighth Korean World Mission Conference took place from June 6 to 10 in the Southern California region at Azusa Pacific University, with some 3,000 in attendance, which includes some 1,000 Korean missionaries. In closing the conference, attendees released a 'conference declaration,' detailing the fruits of the event.

This declaration affirmed that the purpose of mission is "the coming of God's kingdom and the realization of God's will," and also stated a heart of repentance that the Korean church has participated in ministry with other purposes such as expanding their own ministries, focusing on quantity, and in ineffective and competitive ways.

"The urgent and changing circumstances of the mission field is creating a demand for the sacrifice of missionaries more than ever," the declaration states, with an added a commitment to rise up to that demand. The attendees committed to change its focus from 'expanding one's own denomination or organization,' to 'seeking God's will and His kingdom'; from focusing on 'quantity' to 'the power of the Holy Spirit'; from 'inefficient mission work' to 'research and development of leaders for more efficient mission work'; and from 'competition' to 'ministry in partnership.'

The declaration concluded with a statement of faith that "the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords Jesus Christ is victorious and will bring it to completion." The following is the complete declaration.

KWMC 2016 Mission Conference Declaration

Some 3,000 Korean individuals committed to missions from all over the world attended the eighth Korean World Mission Conference hosted by the Korean World Missions Association from June 6 to 10, which took place at Azusa Pacific University under the theme, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14). To conclude the conference, attendees adopted the following declaration.

The Purpose of Mission:
- The purpose of mission is for the coming of God’s kingdom and the realization of His will.
- The kingdom of God, over which God reigns, is confessing and worshipping Jesus as Lord and Savior, and loving others.

The Leadership of Mission:
- The leader of mission work is God.
- God can work independently, but He calls individuals, and works with and through them.

The Context of Mission:
- God’s Word never changes, yet the circumstances of mission fields are changing rapidly.
- The circumstances of mission fields today create a demand for the sacrifice of those who are called more than ever before.

Our Calling:
- In order to see God’s reign over this earth and His will to be done, we partner with churches of all nations.
- The church, which has the responsibility to share the gospel of Christ to all nations, must not only have a right understanding of the message, but also a right understanding of the context of the message being proclaimed.

Our Repentance:
- Rather than seeking the kingdom of God or God's will, we repent of doing mission work to expand our own denominations or mission organizations.
- Rather than working according to the move and power of the Holy Spirit, we repent of ministering according to our own willpower and with a focus on quantity.
- We repent of not giving our best to research and develop leaders, and for conducting ministry inefficiently.
- We repent of not working together with others, and competing with them, resulting in a waste of resources.

Our Commitment:
- We reject mission work that only seeks to expand one's own denomination or organization, and instead, we commit to seek God's will and His kingdom in our ministries.
- We commit to no longer depend on our own knowledge, wisdom, or wealth, but instead follow God's will alone in the power of the Holy Spirit.
- We commit to no longer waste the social and physical resources God has given to us, and instead, to do our research and develop leaders in order to use those resources efficiently and effectively.
- We reject mission work that is conducted independently, and instead, we commit to partner and walk alongside other churches in the global village, which all comprise of one body.

Our Confidence:
- We are confident that, though there are many challenges in our efforts to bring the gospel to the world, ultimately, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords Jesus Christ is victorious and will bring it to completion.
- We are confident that the day will come when all nations will kneel at the feet of Christ and all tongues will confess that Christ is Lord. Hallelujah!

June 10, 2016
The 8th Korean World Mission Council Conference 2016

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